Quantum Flux is a Highly-Tactical, Highly Customizable 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Game. The rules are

flexible enough to let you use any model you may have, and create a cinematic, fun experience where

outmaneuvering your opponent is key.

    The rules are provided below for free: 

Main Rules:

Quantum Flux Main Rulebook PDF -- Last Updated 5/16/2022

Optional Downloads: 

Army Roster  -- Last Updated 4/26/2021

Quick Reference Guide-- Last Updated 4/26/2021

Basic Unit Cards -- Last Updated 4/27/2021

Custom Unit Cards -- Last Updated 4/27/2021

Unit Upgrade Cards -- Last Updated 5/15/2022

Smoke Cards -- Last Updated 5/11/2021

Theme Expansions:

Coming Soon! 

Setting and Lore

Coming Soon!

Contact us at:  or comment below! 

Let us know what you think! We want to hear from you, whether it's balance notes, "We had fun" or full blown battle reports, we'd love to get in touch. 


  1. Change Log: Updated the language on sniper rifle to:
    "All unblocked Hits and Critical Hits rolled for Ranged Attacks are counted as an additional unblocked Hit or Critical Hit" to clarify the special rule.

  2. Clarified language on "Unbreakable" Huge Model Upgrade


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